I've never met a person who wasnt important before

Oct 21


this looks like a man just got switched into a cats body and he’s having some self realization of the situation and he’s buggin

Oct 21
Oct 21




how the hell are some of u guys 13/14

when i was that age i was unironically watching shitty amvs on youtube and roleplaying on gaia




When I was that young the world wide web wasn’t even fully public access yet…

Oct 21
Oct 21


yo like


kaworu be sportin some pretty fresh kicks he could smoke some fools on the bball court in these babies i wouldnt want to be caught in a room with a basketball and kaworu “slam dunk” nagisa

Oct 21
  • A Colin Morgan Appreciation Post (3/?)

Don’t know if it was obvious by the way I kept hitting him, but was and still am, beaming with pride for NTA Best Actor Colin Morgan. - Bradley James

Colin effing Morgan wins an NTA!!!! Legend ! He will that hair cut down for the rest of his life though LOL ;-) love him, legend ! - Eoin Macken
An amazing night at the NTA’s. Shame Merlin didn’t win but they got it right with best actor. Colin is a legend and a worthy winner. - Rupert Young

Colin Morgan!!!!!!! So proud. So happy. 100% deserved. The man is magnificent.All the Merlin family: GOOD JOB ! Colin Morgan deserved that so much. Very fortunate to call him a friend and work alongside him… - Alexander Vlahos

Outstanding that Colin Morgan has picked up the gong, ragnor is very pleased! ;)  - Stephen McCole, Ragnor (Merlin)

We won. - Alice Troughton, Director (Merlin s2,3,4&5)

Are you all happy out there … how fantastic that Colin won !!! - Sara Hamill, Producer (Merlin s3,4&5)

Nice one Col It was so well deserved. Thanks for thanking the crew dude. :)  - Alice Canty, Assistant Camerawoman (Merlin)

YES COLIN MORGAN FOR MERLIN!!!!!!!! So pleased - Catherine Moor, BBC Publicist.

Well deserved win for colin morgan! Best drama performance male! - Charlotte Inett, BBC Drama Communications Manager.

Oct 21
Oct 21

wreygin said: Why do people think Percival isn't as smart just because of his size?


Oct 21


Everyone likes to point out the fact that Chris Evans played both Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers.

Seldom discussed is the fact that they’re POLAR OPPOSITE PERSONALITIES

Oct 21


Oh man. Today. TODAY. Something incredible happened. I can’t believe I almost forgot.

I sit down for my Japanese test. I am waiting for the test to be passed out when I glance up and look around the room. Then I see it.

I watch as one of the students ties a Naruto headband onto his head, adjusts it, and prepares for the test.

And that’s how I knew I was going to get an A. Because that was so magical, it had to be a sign. The world is a beautiful and terrifying place.